Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best dream of 2012

I saw him standing there in the shadows so pure so still. .. The world around him was dim and blue like a stage of cardboard cut outs... then off to the side a man walked out from behind one of the buildings the ball joint man did not move, not at first. The man from behind the building seemed to lost his strength as he walked on more  the man was weeking as if his life was being pulled out of him...
Suddenly he moved; So fast was that ball joint man he seamed to fly straight  up and over to that man, and he tore him apart in seconds...
Then I realized it..I realized the obvious could I see all of this with out him also seeing me? 
He looked up at me, he seamed to in 1 swift moment be towering over me just in front of my face... I felt cold, that numb feeling ware you can almost feel your sole leave your body just before you die... I didn't even think I just spoke...
he, looked at me with that smile...
"I can catch demons, so meany demons....but, but I can't kill them. They would make you stronger.."
He spoke, "A partnership?"
I was a bit shocked and honored he spoke to me...I replied as a little child offered candy, "Yes"

Then he wiped his mouth, walked behind me and warped his arms around me...the pain in my cheats sated to fad away... I quietly said, " I thought you wear going to kill me.." Then I has that cold feeling over my body like did I just say that..I looked up so scarred .when I saw him looking back at me with that face as if he thought I was cute..I knew I was safe... wasn't until after I woke up I realized the demons I has offered up to him was the pain I gather in my heart. 

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